6th Erasmus+ International Staff Week 2022

After five successful years, we are proud to announce that the 6th Erasmus+ International Staff Week at Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic, organized by the International Relations Office, will take place from 13th to 17th June 2022 in our lovely university city Olomouc. It is the ideal week to boost your knowledge on internationalisation issues and to network with partners from around the world.

The main themes of the 6th E+ISW UP 2022 are:

  • Working togetehr for better future
  • Sustainability in internationalization
  • Erasmus+ KA107
  • Intercultural competences ...
  • Digitalization and its challenges in the field of internationalization

Additional social activities include a guided tour of Olomouc, a welcome dinner, and a trip to Olomouc surroundings.

There is a limited capacity of 25 people and we will try to ensure the most diverse group from different countries.

In the previous years, we had the chance to meet with colleagues from Izrael, Poland, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Brazil, Germany, Morocco, and many others. We discussed important topics during workshops and meetings and shared useful practices from our universities. In the afternoons, we enjoyed a cultural programme. We showed our guests Olomouc and Kroměříž and its beauties and established personal and professional relationships from which we benefit until today. See the photo galleries below, the photos speak for themselves.

Welcome to Olomouc

Olomouc (pronounced ollo-moats) has it all, including UNESCO-protected architecture, great museums and energetic, student-oriented nightlife. It (or as the Czechs say: she) had always been among the most important cities of the Kingdom of Bohemia. With its convenient location, ancient university and spiritual, cultural and craft traditions, Olomouc has been for centuries a natural centre of Moravia, attractive to artists, intellectuals and businessmen.

The tourist guide Lonely planet ranges Olomouc among the best-kept secrets in Europe. 

Established in 1573, Palacký University Olomouc is the oldest university in Moravia and the second-oldest in the Czech Republic. It is a modern institution providing high quality teaching combined with research and supported by state of the art facilities – libraries, computer facilities, laboratories, etc. With 8 faculties, the university covers fields from health sciences and medicine through modern and classical languages, philosophy, teacher training, sciences, law, and theology. Palacký University has about 23.000 students and over 1800 members of teaching staff, which is the highest density of university students in Central Europe and it makes Olomouc a truly university city.

Preliminary programme


Application deadline: 1st May 2022
Communication of results: 3rd May 2022

Please note that this year we organize the E+ISW UP exclusively for our partners. Application form is available at: https://forms.gle/EFqULKoKqxJHQkTs5 

In case of any inquiries, please contact us at iro.up.olomouc@gmail.com 

What did our participants say about the previous E+ISWs?

"Thank you for all exciting events like city game, trip to Kromeriz, Czech language course, tour around the Olomouc and others. These all gave me the feeling that you are best team to organize staff weeks."

"It was great meeting colleagues from other universities, establishing new networks, learning more about how mobilities are carried out at European Universities."

"Thank you so much! This is definitively an addition to my professional and life experience. Keep up the great work!"

"Everything was well-organised, great thanks to the International Relations team :) I enjoyed it a lot!"

"I was able to obtain tips and information very useful for the internationalization of my university."

Photos from the 5th E+ISW 2021

Photos from the 4th E+ISW 2019

Photos from the 3rd E+ISW 2018

Photos from the 2nd E+ISW 2017

Photos from the 1st E+ISW 2016

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